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My client wanted some help to organise and bring some colour to their home office and spare room.

We incorporated as many pieces of their current furniture as accessories as possible, whilst adding in a few new touches to the rooms. 

We used a mix of bold and muted colours to compliment the natural light and inject a bit of personality to the rooms.

Here are the finished rooms (with a few 'before' images), alongside the 3D visuals and mood boards I created for the design concept.


Gemma from Love of Beauty in Ipswich wanted to create a 

calming, natural, crystal/plant/energy inspired beauty treatment room to use with her clients. We split her garage into two sections and the bigger section was transformed into a new beauty treatment room.

We used natural earth tones to create the feeling of calm, whilst incorporating some wood panelling to add extra texture and warmth. We also included warm to the touch flooring and extra insulation, to help keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It really is such a gorgeous room and instantly evokes a feeling of calm as you enter.

Here is the finished room (with a few 'before' images), alongside the 3D visuals and mood board I created for the design concept.


My client (a family of four) wanted to create a warm, cosy and embracing space where they could enjoy dinner every day as a family.

We used pink based sunset colours to compliment and embrace the west-facing room. It is difficult to see from the pictures, but the ceiling is actually pink! When the sun starts to set and shines into the room in the afternoon, the rust red colour soaks up all the rays and just glows!

We used natural textures and repeated and mixed shapes to add to the overall scheme of the room to create the calm and cosy feel.

Here is the finished room, alongside the mood board and 2D visuals I created for the design concept.


My client (a family of four) had recently moved into a new build home and wanted some help with the styling of their open plan kitchen/dining/living room. The brief was that the new layout and styling needed to work around their current furniture and suit their family life.

We kept their dining table and sofas, but updated the spaces with new furniture and accessories which were child friendly and functional.

The two paintings of the rainbows you can see were actually created by their twin boys (3 years old) based on some inspiration art I included in the mood board (as seen below)!

Here are the finished rooms, alongside the 2D visuals I created for the design concept.


I needed a new Holistic Room to be built into my garage. After our 1 hour consultation, Kirstie knew exactly what I wanted and started putting together ideas straight away. I gave her full permission and support to do whatever she felt needed and I’m so glad I did! She organised the builders and decorators. She ordered in all the materials and accessories…. And the result is beautiful Thank you so much Kirstie - you are amazing at what you do!

Gemma - Beauty Room Project

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