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From inspirational home decorating ideas to complete refurbishments

I’m Kirstie Smith and my mission is to help you create a place you’ll call home. One where you feel safe, relaxed and organised. I’m an award winning interior designer, living space organiser and all-round interior expert working across Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire.
Whether you’re simply looking for solutions and inspiration or need a refurbishment site manager, my experience, and ideas – together with your thoughts and desires – will create the perfect living space.


“I love to design and be creative, helping people solve their home problems. Our home should be our safe place, to relax and de-stress, NOT the cause of any stress!”

Interior design for every room

At Iconik Interiors, we can help with all your room designing questions:

  • Kitchen design

  • Bathroom layout

  • Bedroom design

  • Living or working zones

  • Colour palettes

  • Mood boards

  • Room layout

  • Furniture ideas

  • Decluttering and storage solutions

  • Children’s bedroom designs

Most Stylish Interior Designer
Iconik Interiors
Kirstie Smith

Follow Kirstie for more design inspiration

Want an Insta worthy home? For the latest trends in home improvements and seasonally inspired design ideas, follow Kirstie on Insta or Pinterest.

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