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5 top tips on how to make your home look more EXPENSIVE

Did you know that by adding or altering a few simple things in your home, you can change the whole look and feel of the design? Take a look at the quick tips below, to see how you can create a plush and luxurious environment without breaking the bank.

1. White sheets. Luxury hotel's do not have patterned sheets, they have crisp white sheets to create that luxe feel. You can accessorise pillows and throws with colours if you want, but for that expensive feel, keep the sheets crisp, fluffy and white.

2. Large throw pillows. Having an expensive looking home is about mixing luxury with comfort. If you layer large throw pillows with small ones, you instantly create that expensive, plush feel. ⁠

3. Remove all packaging! Having various different size and shaped bottles on display when pulling a look together will not help. Decant any hand soaps, lotions, washing up liquid etc into clear jars/bottles to create a together look.⁠

4. Layer your lighting. 💡 Lighting helps to create the mood of a room. Think about where you want to draw the eye to e.g. a book case, artwork etc. and add additional lighting focused on that area. Make sure all the lights are the same tones to create a cohesive look. ⁠

5. Remove all clutter. This may seem simple but it really works! The less 'stuff' you have on display and the more you can create a clean and open living area, the more elegant and expensive it will look and feel.

As you can see from these tips, making your home look more expensive is not about the cost of the items in it. It is about creating a calm, clean, welcoming and fresh environment, where each item in the home works together in harmony and each piece in the home has a function and a purpose.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you did any of these in your home.

Iconik Interior Design Services Whatever the size of your project, I always begin with a 60 minute Design Consultation at your home. My services include anything from a complete ‘concept to completion’ service, to a colour consultation (where I help you choose the best paint colours for your room). I’ll talk through the scope of your project including the functionality, aesthetic, budget etc. and take a look at the area you want to transform. We can discuss initial design ideas, inspiration, recommendations and so on. Some people find this initial design consultation enough for what they need and are happy to move forward on their own, whilst others will have additional work they need me to help them with. Once I have a better idea of scope, I will then go away and prepare a fee proposal for any additional work you might need help with. You can then decide whether or not you would like to proceed on that additional work together. A Design Consultation with me is £200 (travel cost outside 30 mile radius of Ipswich, Suffolk will apply). Drop me an email to book -

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