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10 top tips on quick ways to make your home more beautiful NOW ⁠

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Sometimes, you don't need to have a full renovation to make your home look and feel more beautiful. Take a look at the quick tips below, to see how you can instantly transform and improve your home.

1. Splurge on new cushions. Adding new cushions is a really easy way to inject colour into a space whilst making it feel more fresh. ⁠

2. Add in greenery. Plants and flowers have a positive and homely effect on any room. They help to bring a space to life! If you are not particularly green fingered, use fake plants!

3. Bring in some new artwork. This could be as simple as getting some wallpaper samples you love and framing them! You never know, you may love it that much that you decide to paper the whole wall!

4. Update your rug. You would be surprised at how changing a rug can completely change the look and feel of a room. This is a safe way to add more daring colours if you do not want to start on the walls. ⁠

5. Brighten up your lights! If you have a lamp where you can change the shade, buy a new one and your lamp will look like new. This is also the same for ceiling lights if you use shades/pendants. ⁠

6. Combine earthy tones. Instead of using one colour, try a mix of earthy tones, like green, grey and rust, to bring warmth to a scheme. Mix this with natural fabrics to bring the design together.

7. Layer the dining table. Create a relaxed setting by dressing your table with a cloth placed centrally and then add a few runners which are laid widthwise on top. This will feel more informal, cosy and relaxed.

8. Ditch your coffee table. To create more floor space, switch out a large coffee table for smaller side tables, a pouffe or a nest of tables. These lighter weight pieces are easier to move around so will not obstruct the flow of the living room.

9. Introduce black as an accent colour. If you are bored with an all neutral scheme, change up the palette by adding in black accessories, such as frames, vases and candles. This will add a modern edge and complement a neural scheme.

10. Revamp the hallway. Make sure there is plenty of storage in the hallway so it doesn't become a dumping ground. Try adding in a narrow console and a few small baskets, to give every item a place.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Let me know in the comments if you tried any of these tips.

Iconik Interior Design Services Whatever the size of your project, I always begin with a 60 minute Design Consultation at your home. My services include anything from a complete ‘concept to completion’ service, to a colour consultation (where I help you choose the best paint colours for your room). I’ll talk through the scope of your project including the functionality, aesthetic, budget etc. and take a look at the area you want to transform. We can discuss initial design ideas, inspiration, recommendations and so on. Some people find this initial design consultation enough for what they need and are happy to move forward on their own, whilst others will have additional work they need me to help them with. Once I have a better idea of scope, I will then go away and prepare a fee proposal for any additional work you might need help with. You can then decide whether or not you would like to proceed on that additional work together. A Design Consultation with me is £200 (travel cost outside 30 mile radius of Ipswich, Suffolk will apply). Drop me an email to book -

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